Printing - Reading
Cursive Writing

Let's make academic sports as much fun and exciting as athletic sports.

American inventor Joe Martyniuk (mart-nick) invented a way to turn
phones/tablets with Android into digital sports stadiums. Kids and adults
compete against each other printing, writing, and reading his timed, inter-
active, academic sports contests. First find out who's faster; you/your kid.
After kid beats you, enter local live, online contests and TV Game Shows.

Printing Cursive Writing

During printing/writing contests contestants put pen on screen over first
square JoeyDot. Then contestants draw a line to the next JoeyDot, and the
next Joeydot, until letter/number is finished. Its a process called connecting
the JoeyDots. Reading contestants see, hear and tap on letter/word/number.

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Fruit rejected apps so no fruit apps. Apps only for devices with Android.
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