Chicagoland's Racing-1
Online Championships

Click here to download free
half of Racing-1 (Half-1) to try.

To buy a copy of Racing-1 click here.

Practice Racing-1 five parts every day. Take photo
of contestant's face and total screen that looks like this
picture on Friday. Make sure all 6 totals can be read.

Email it and this subject line to
total, printalf, writealf, contestant name, school zipcode and name

1028.278, 162.704, 200.216, Joe, 60106, Fargo

We collect/sort results, display old/new fastest Sunday.

Click here Sunday for this week's fastest and prior weeks' fastest.

You agree to let photo be shown here, on TV, in newspaper, or elsewhere.
Family and friends will want to see real totals from device, so don't cheat.
The total ties are awarded first to fastest printalf, then fastest writealf.

Please forgive any mistakes, omissions. Contests can be discontinued
at any time for any reason. Not fastest? Practice all week. Enter again
on next Friday. Once per week. Kids/adults of all ages can compete.

Win Bragging Rights

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